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My Story

The Birth of a Business:


Taking the Leap Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Barb took a leap of faith and started her own nail salon business. Armed with her expertise and a strong desire to provide exceptional service, she created a haven for clients seeking top-notch nail care and personalized attention. Through her commitment to excellence, Barb built a loyal customer base and established herself as a trusted name in the industry.


Diversifying into Distribution:


Seizing Opportunities In 2007, Barb recognized an untapped opportunity in the beauty industry. Leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience, she ventured into the distribution business, offering high-quality nail products to salons and professionals. This bold move allowed Barb to expand her reach beyond her own salon and make a significant impact on the industry as a whole.


Overcoming Challenges:

Lessons Learned


Barb faced numerous challenges, as is common in the world of  entrepreneurship. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of personal growth and self-discovery.  However, Barb embraced these challenges and learned, by constantly adapting her strategies and relying on her morals and values to seek innovative solutions.


Barb believes that growth is not a destination but a continuous journey. With a forward-thinking mindset, Barb is committed to exploring new opportunities, expanding their reach, and evolving their business to meet the changing needs of their customers and the market



Empowering Simplicity:


A Mission to Share Knowledge and Deliver Quality Customization

In a world filled with complexity, there is a growing need for simplicity and clarity. Barb, who is dedicated to sharing knowledge and delivering quality products with customizable options. By embracing simplicity, Barb aims to empower individuals to set themselves apart and find unique solutions that resonate with their needs and preferences.

Quality Products: A Foundation for Success At the core of Barbs mission is the commitment to deliver quality products. By focusing on craftsmanship, attention to detail, and using the finest materials, Barb ensures that their products meet the highest standards of excellence. This dedication to quality sets the stage for a remarkable customer experience.

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